Television News Vs Internet News

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Television is another method of news and current affairs in any country or locality; often news is being brought live and real time. However, internet can also deliver these advantages for news audiences and readers. Apart from full articles on fashionable news, there are websites which allow viewers to watch news like what they can discover on TV.

  • Are there any rewards of having one over the other?
  • Does TV provide something which the Internet cannot?
  • Which will you go with Internet News or the TV News?

Let us decide to try to go into the two factors that both news media can offer…


TV Credibility – all news delivered by the television are being stated by real reporters who are working for the network. All of which are used from real accounts of people or scenarios who are the subjects of the reports. Hence, reports are reliable as well as the reporters and subjects. Therefore, when you are watching a TV report, you can be ensured that the contents are true.

Online reliability – blog posting made writers another type of journalists bringing various kinds of news written in such a way to reflect the viewpoint of the people who have witnessed the situations on first account or to indicate their own way of discussing. Although, there are real paid journalist authors but they are not a lot of to compose a small percentage in Internet journalism. Thus, you will not be amazed to read some reports which cannot really pass the criteria of real journalism.


TV News – most of the channel broadcasts on TV are fresh or just recently happened. Television networks are so eager with the current affair in the society or country. They even have associates inside police stations to be able to search the records of people who are topics of their news. This is just a good sign that TV news are fresh and delivered just moments away from the time they happened.

Internet News – while there are millions of bloggers in the world, they keep watch on the latest and most recent news that happened around the globe. Oftentimes, bloggers also get their reports from the TV or magazines; you can call these kinds of news second-hand because they have been delivered in other media. Most of the news discussion boards are built from news networks; TV networks develop their own websites to deliver fresh news to online readers.

Why do we have to think about these two factors when reading news?

To begin with, credibility is essential because everybody do not want to read news which may not be true or wrong is some aspects. News readers read news because they desired to know what really happened, how it occurred or when it took place. So, why not ensure that you are reading the correct and trustworthy news? There are particular advantages and disadvantages in any media. However, it is still up for you to pick which one would work better. Most of the people support to online news forums and networks while also subscribing to newspapers and magazines.